A Very Personal Vision

A variety of elements contribute towards imaginative invention within my work.  Sources include forms, textures, markings and colours from the natural world, bits of machinery, cave and rock art, zen ink work, sticks and stones. The general trend towards abstraction within 20th century art and the work of such as Miro and Klee feed me, as do some of the British 'Neo romantics' and St Ives influences.

Much of the background to this stems from early experiences. I was born in suburban London in 1944. Nearby the magic of Epping Forest featured strongly in my young life as did a small getaway caravan pitched in a field by the Blackwater estuary marshes in the Dengie Peninsula. I lived on the edge of Dartmoor for a while and moved to the West Dorset coastal region where I still live. I deeply love all these marvellous places.

My father was an engineer and some of the machine junk he used impressed me with its resemblance to natural forms - a correspondence which often features in my work. A certain language of forms has developed over time. These I use both in fully abstract and more obviously referential pieces. The direction of experimentation often changes in style attempting to express a very personal vision.

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